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silhouette masterpiece theatre

Clever, funny and lovely-to-look-at modern commentary made with cut-out silhouettes . Just the way we like it. see more here Advertisements

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autochrome autocool

Patented in 1906, but by no means the first colour photograph process, Autochrome Lumiere (after the Lumiere brothers who invented it, as well as modern cinema) brings the turn of last century to life. A weirdly-coloured, slightly surrealist life, but … Continue reading

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woouf woouf!

Beanbags and scatter cushions occupy a place in the world similar to the pickitups behind restaurant kitchens. They’re generally grotty and smell funny. These clever Spaniards, however, stuff things very nicely. you can buy these and many other stuffed goods … Continue reading

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Christian Kleemann

Not exactly rocket science, but a twisted sense of humour mixed with impeccable style helps. Decor/interior stylist Christian Kleeman is clearly a man after my heart. Pets, murder and post-apocalyptic dinner party tables? he’s signed to Florence Moll and Associates in … Continue reading

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Celine’s pre-Autumn/Winter 2011/2012 Women’s collection. Sheesh. I don’t really know why a range like this exists. Apparently its to tie stores over between swimsuits and raincoats. I’m not complaining. Even if it sounds like I am. Canadian tuxedo anyone?

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As well as being a cat pervert, I’m a book lover. I like a bit of both at the same time. I like a lot of both at the same time, actually. bookshelfporn

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say no to press studs

The 90s left us with a fashion legacy of bad hair and worse shoes. Can’t say I’m sorry about the bodysuit and high-waisted jeanpant though… buy this here

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