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David Lynch and Christian Louboutin

The masters collaborated on a fetish project a few years ago. The timeless quality of the images and the shoes proves that kink never ages… Bettie Page and Jessica Rabbit are surely nodding and smiling over their martinis. prints available here Advertisements

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stockings; they just knew better then

My mother taught me to wear stockings. Avoid pantyhose whenever you can, she said. It’s not easy, I can’t find the colours I want in the thickness I like, but I do try. They just knew better in the old … Continue reading

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almonds are good for you

This is my favourite shape. It’s an almond toe and it’s perfect for Autumn.  Louboutin and Blahnik do the classic well. Of course.

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ASOS Spring 2011

Seems a little silly really, thinking about summery clothes in the middle of a Joburg thundershower… Doesn’t matter though; they’re just like Autumn clothes but with more citrus colours and a slightly more positive mental attitude.

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dahlhaus ceramics

ag, I could attempt to be clever, but I won’t/can’t. From Canada, I don’t care for her paintings, but her ceramics are nice, see more here

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what katie ate

Browsing recipe books and food blogs; also known as Torture. Autumn is upon us and I take comfort in the fact that its damn well upon Australia too. I’m not complaining though. I love scarves and boots and hot chocolate and … Continue reading

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doesn’t go with tie-dye

I’m not usually one for rustic crystals and earth minerals. All a little bit hey-shoo-wow-crusty-hippie for me, but Teresa Robinson from Stone & Honey’s take on rough gems and gold makes sense in an understated, classically stylish way, with a little … Continue reading

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