I live in Johannesburg, but I come from Cape Town. It’s lovely here. I have a full view of the Joburg skyline from the couch I am currently sitting on and it’s beautiful. I’m a creative director by day, a student by night and a whiskey drinking, dinner party throwing, book reading, cat lover at the weekend.


4 Responses to About

  1. hannah says:

    you write lovely words and post pretty pictures.
    do you want to date?

  2. candice says:

    a blog that is actually less about someone’s silly ‘dear diary’ bs and more about.. more.
    nice one lady.

    • ag thanks! i find blogs about ‘what i am wearing’ and ‘what i ate for lunch’ and *blush* ‘i’m always so busy being fabulous’ and *sigh* ‘its so difficult to be attentive to all my fans’… vomit. i want to curate content that is interesting and i’m so pleased you agree.

  3. leighanne says:

    Hello Louise’s blog. How nice to meet you. I think we shall be spending some time together.

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