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the death of the cupcake. long live the macaron!

Enough with the cupcakes already. I’m pleased to announce the imminent demise of those mini-cakes with shitty frosting. So: enter the macaron. A ground almond-meringue-biscuit-buttercream-sandwich-thing. Also known as heaven. However, these are not to be confused with a macaroon (that chewy coconut thing … Continue reading

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lovemore launches on the Aficionado network

Exciting news: louisemore has split into two. louisemore will continue to focus on fashion, accessories and pop culture oddities. Who else is going to curate the weird collection of stuffed animals, jewellery and hairstyles? Didn’t think so… …and a warm … Continue reading

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what katie ate

Browsing recipe books and food blogs; also known as Torture. Autumn is upon us and I take comfort in the fact that its damn well upon Australia too. I’m not complaining though. I love scarves and boots and hot chocolate and … Continue reading

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still life with food

I secretly want to be a food stylist. Not so secretly actually. I do. I like to fuss and fiddle and perch and balance the most ridiculous things in both prawn and vodka cocktails. Good food stylists need to be able to … Continue reading

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