nice right? fresh and bright and clean and perfect for me. a new madrid-based label that sees itself as a multidscipliniary platform encompassing fashion, photography, architecture and video.
see their site here. first seen  here

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dainty vs chunky

this is not  post about weight. its about rings and bangles and bracelets and all things decorative and shiny.

all images from this lovely blog




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freckles. i wish i had them.

i reckon its all because of that benetton ad from the ’90s.

black and white images from a great post at fashiongonerogue.com



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in the clutches of claire vivier

see what i did there with my clever title? yikes. i find it very irritating to take a clutch to a party. how exactly am i supposed to hold a drink, shake someone’s hand, hold my clutch and re-apply lipstick, without putting the clutch down onto a sticky surface, or risk losing sight of my drink? (both very undesirable situations) hmmm? not stopping me though…

buy claire vivier here

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i am not a hippie

officially the dip dye trend is a hair thing, but i’m a wuss so i’m going with tie-dye / dip dye in fabric (which has been lurking around in the background for a while and i think its time to bring it to the front). and i don’t see it as a flower-power hippie thing at all… it’s a bright, fresh spring thing. go for it. i did here.

partly inspired by a www.vogue.it post

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a nude leather wrist cuff

GALA Curios is the creation of Sydney based designer Jasmine O’Loughlin. the title of the post says it all really. what more could i possible say? i surely don’t need to justify the awesomeness of a nude leather wrist cuff… wear it with black? (it has a matching ring too)

buy here 



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local ceramist tanya laing makes lovely animals who are sad and dangerous all at the same time. like the capetonian version of donnie darko. mine snapped its ear off after my wildly clumsy cat tried to romance it a little too frantically. hudson 1. sootcookie 0.


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